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"Candace approaches organizing with the eye of an artist - the end result is not only logically organized and functional, but also beautiful!  The thing that I love about Candace is that she never makes you feel awful about even your most awful stuff!  There is no judgement, only gentle guidance and help in purging what you truly don’t need anymore. The money you spend will most certainly be worth it!  Candace comes ready to work.  She gets her hands dirty and works diligently non-stop until the job is complete. If she can use things in your home to organize your space, she always will.  A shoe box becomes pretty storage in her hands!"  - BINDU PATEL 

"Who needs Marie Kondo when you have Art & Order! Thank you for helping me - it's SO cleansing!"  - CORBIN LEVIN

"Call this amazing human! She will Marie Kondo you right up. Look at what she did to our pantry!" - ALYSON GIUFFREDA

"We are extremely grateful to Candace for helping us organize our house. There were many areas of our house that were cluttered with stuff.  Between work and our three very busy little kids, we had little time to put our house in order. Candace came to the rescue! She organized the kids’ closets, our pantry and our laundry room. Candace was excellent. She accomplished so much in a short amount of time and she was pleasant to have around. I highly recommend Candace! I will definitely be utilizing her services again in the future!" - JENNIFER & J.P. COUSSAN


"We had been living in our Caribbean/Coastal house for a few years when we commissioned Candace to do a painting for us. Our stark white walls along with the contrasted dark wood were naturally appealing and we were in no rush to fill the walls. We had looked at art in all of our travels and though we liked some pieces, we had never felt like it was “the piece.” That is until we looked at Candace’s work. We both fell in love with her style. Our passion for all things Louisiana and coastal made her artwork a perfect choice for us. We told her what we liked about her pieces and then asked us her to interpret something especially for us. The result was a magical piece that is hung proudly in a place where we can admire it everyday. Ours has three oysters, representing our family of three.  And because of our faith, we like to say it also represents the Holy Trinity. Working with Candace was a delight. She is a beautiful and soulful woman and when you see her work, you feel good inside." 



"Kuddos to Candace for bringing order to my home, which brought order to my LIFE. I am thrilled to say that every item in my home is either something I actually use or something that brings me JOY! It is so refreshing to live in a home that no longer has a "junk room" or even a "junk drawer." I know the exact location of everything I own which saves me uncountable numbers of hours "searching" for things. Candace made this seemingly insurmountable process a breeze. All I had to do was make decisions! Purging was profound. Discovering a "lost" treasured item...Priceless!!!!! - DIANA GARY


“I have a 3 year old son who would play in my shoes in our walk in closet. No matter how many times I organized them or put them back he would always come in right behind me and make them a mess again.  I made an appointment with Candace to help me find a solution. The daily mess was driving me crazy!  She came in and within minutes had the perfect solution. Candace moved my shoes into an unused closet in my room and put them in cubby holes organized by color scheme. My son hasn't even touched them yet! I enjoy opening the doors every day to my new clean, neat and organized shoe closet! I am very happy with Candace’s work and would highly recommend her." - ANNA GOODSON STRINGER


"I really appreciated the special care Candace took when she organized my home and bedroom. She was particularly careful with my personal items and how she handled my emotional attachments to them - the things that were very dear to me. She worked quickly and methodically and was very thorough! Thanks Candace!!! She was both personal in such a caring way and so professional in the way she approached the project."  - KAY DUPRE 


"Candace did not just organize my wardrobe - she brought the Gift of Order to my life! I can't help but keep things organized now to match the immaculately staged closet."  - EVE EMELIANOVA, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 

"Candace's work is truly the gift that keeps on giving.  Having her get the ball rolling with categorizing, disposing and organizing was a treat in a very time efficient way but Candace's teachings and tips on how to do things going forward has made these spaces maintain their beauty.  In addition I have been able to take her advice and use it in other areas of my home.  Candace listens to your needs and desires then completely customizes it to your lifestyle and liking.  She makes the process fun and when the project is complete you feel a weight lift off your shoulders because you can appreciate the beautiful space that was hiding under the disorganization and clutter.  The only thing missing at the end is Candace!  It was a joy learning from a person who is so truly genuine and talented." -ANGIE SCHOUEST 


"Love my new organized closet. I can see and find everything including my heels :) I was really surprised how much being organized can give me a happy state of mind. If you want your life organized, call Candace Greer with Art & Order!"


"Who knew that a talented artist could also have exceptional organizational skills? From storing treasured keepsakes to easliy accessing things that are used daily, Candace Greer had a solution for everything. She brought order to the chaos that is the playroom, study and closets for three growing kids. More importantly, she gave me the peace of mind that comes from everything having a place! I cannot say enough about what a magician she is and recommend her highly for any task large or small! Do yourself a favor and let her bring order to your home and office! Icing on the cake that she is kind, beautifl and pleasant!" 


"My closet was in desperate need of getting cleaned out and organized - something I hadn't had the time to do in years! I was so sick of never being able to find what I was looking for and wearing the same things over and over again. Art & Order was hired to get my closet back in order and hopefully resemble a men's clothing store. Candace's high energy, attention to detail, experience and professionalism was refreshing. She even made the purging process somewhat fun and helped me let of go of things that I was emotionally attached to for years and just didn't need. The end result was unbelievable! She even created an area for my LSU clothing! She is also talented, smart, hard working and was so pleasant to work with throughout the whole process." 



Thanks Candace Greer for my "new closet!" I love it! You are truly talented!! Can't wait to apply the concepts you've taught me to the rest of my house! Friends...let Candace at Art and Order help you find some Zen!! You won't regret it!




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